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The Cost Reduction Club is owned and operated by the Charities Buying Group, which is a not for profit Community Interest Company.

All profits from the Cost Reduction Club cover the cost of providing FREE expert advice and consultancy services that help charities cut expenditure, thus allowing charities to get 'better value for money' in providing their services to those who need the help most. Funding also helps us in our mission of creating jobs for UK veterans as we recognise our brave men and women provided the support to those troubled areas of the world that most needed it and now those veterans on their return to the UK need our help".

The Charities Buying Group

The Charities Buying Group is a dedicated service operated for the benefit of ALL charities and not for profit organisations offering a wide range of buying agreements that are designed to help all charity or not for profit organisations reduce expenditure and, by reducing cost help these organisations make better use of their money for the benefit of the missions/objectives they were created for.

The CBG was formed in 2002 after reviewing how little support charities get in solving their purchasing issues, particularly small charities who do not have the buying power of larger organisations. By using the collective buying power of the CBG we can support all charities as we truly believe that by buying more efficiently more of their money can be used for the purpose it is intended, meeting their service objectives and more importantly helping those people who need the help most in terms of care and welfare. This is the true vision of the Charities Buying Group.

Currently the CBG helps over 10,000 registered users from over 8,000 charities all benefiting from our purchasing expertise, the numbers of new members grows every day.

This service is available to all charities and not for profit organisations free of charge; as we do not believe that organisations should pay for buying advice.

By buying through the Cost Reduction Club, not only wil you save money but, you will be supporting the Charities Buying Group in its work.

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Saving you Money
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The Cost Reduction Club is here to help you save money on your everday shopping.

By buying through our website you will be supporting thousands of charities across the UK. You will also be helping us create jobs for veterans.

Whether you are buying groceries or theatre tickets, we have a large collection of reputable High Street shops and stores , where all special offers and and special discounts have been agreed for you.

All you have to do is find what you want and, order on-line.

Payment is secure as you will be trading direct with well known reputable brands.

The Cost Reduction Club supports the work of the Charities Buying Group. A FREE Service to help charites save money. and in........