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Click on a category (left hand side) then click on the image (right of 'What they do') You will then visit the Stores website to see what is avaialble for you.

Special Offers / Discount Codes

Some of our Stores provide their latest special offers and somre Stores have provided unique special Discount Codes to enable you to get the discount offered. When placing your order on-line, look out to see where you need toto add the code.

Usually You will need to apply the Discount Code (or it may state Promotional Code) at the checkout page. In some cases the discount will be automatically takenwhen you checkout, this will be specified in the offer.

Direct Offers

In some cases prices are reduced so you do not need to apply any code, simply click on the link to go directly to the item offered.

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Cost Reduction Club Special Offers
Discount Code
Where you see our Special Offers buttom this is where specific agreed prices for individual or ranges of products are available. Please note, these are usually only available for a limited period of time.
Where you see this image, special discount codes are currently available. But these will change as new offers become available.

Saving you Money
Probably the best deals from your favourite shops on the net
The Cost Reduction Club is here to help you save money on your everday shopping.

By buying through our website you will be supporting thousands of charities across the UK. You will also be helping us create jobs for veterans.

Whether you are buying groceries or theatre tickets, we have a large collection of reputable High Street shops and stores , where all special offers and and special discounts have been agreed for you.

All you have to do is find what you want and, order on-line.

Payment is secure as you will be trading direct with well known reputable brands.

The Cost Reduction Club supports the work of the Charities Buying Group. A FREE Service to help charites save money. and in........