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Husse (pronounced hoo-say) is a Swedish incorporated company established in 1987. Husse is a pioneer in manufacturing third generation pet food.  Husse sells premium and super premium pet food and various accessories, mainly focusing on cats and dogs, but also horse supplements. The Husse product range is vast and current boast over 350 products.
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VioVet Ltd is one of the UK's largest and most trusted veterinary supplies retailers in the UK. We offer a range of pet and horse supplies, including prescription and non-prescription medications, food, toys and equipment. We stock many of the leading market brands, as well as our own-branded products and supplements. is the No.1 store for dog lovers. Selling a growing range of doggie related gadgets, toys, training equipment and a few things for the dog owner too! We often have sales and promotions running and we have a large facebook following as well.
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