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Terms & Conditions
Cost Reduction Club - Terms & Conditions of Use

The Cost Reduction Club provides offers made directly from shops and stores and, does not take any liability for the user, using such offers. All purchases made are as per the terms & conditions of the seller.

All pricing stated within the website is for information only and does not form a contract between the Cost Reduction Club and the user.

The user being, any person or persons making purchases directly from's website.

When making any purchase, the price offered by the Cost Reduction Club is for guidance and any link from this item will lead to the offer price by the seller. It may differ from what is stated on this website as from time to time, notifications of price changes maybe delayed from the seller to the Cost Reduction Club.

Under no circumstances does the Cost Reduction Club take any liability for prices and services offered by sellers contained within its website.

All sellers are reputable companies and all steps as much as is reasonably possible have been taken to ensure the standing of such sellers.