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Lingoda is an online language school which offers English, German, French and Spanish lessons. The classes are held live in our virtual classrooms, and are taught exclusively by qualified, native speaking teachers. We offer both private and group classes. Our group classes typically involve no more than 5 students and allow you to meet other language learners. 

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EdPlace is the most accessible online educational tool in the UK. We believe every parent should have access to quality educational support that effectively helps their child succeed. As parent champions, our mission is to become the most trusted partner for parents with the biggest impact on their child’s education. 

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Learning247 offer state-of-the-art online-learning and self-study multimedia programs across virtually every training area: IT Certification, Web & Graphic Design, Business & Accounting, Project Management, CAD, Lifestyle, Health, Social care, Personal Development, Languages, CPD & much more... 

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Learning 24/7

Create fully branded videos automatically! Video reviews, Testimonial, videos, Event videos +many more. Create automatic compilation videos for birthday, Christmas, Welcome to the team, and any other occasion

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