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M and S Logo.jpeg

M&S are one of the UK's leading retailers. We sell stylish, high quality, great value clothing. We work hard to provide our customers with the highest quality products, service and shopping environments.

M and S Image.jpeg
M&S Beauty
LSW Mind Cards
LSW Logo.png

LSW Mind Cards are a pack of 45 individually designed cards each with a tool or task to help you increase your wellbeing, boost your mood and help you move towards a more fulfilled life.

LSW Image.png
Prolon Logo.png

The ProLon® Fasting Mimicking Diet® is the only 5-day dietary program shown through clinical trials to nourish your body while triggering the natural process of cellular clean-up and rejuvenation associated with fasting.

Prolon Image.jpg
Nails Inc
NailsInc logo.jpeg

Nails inc is an award winning nail brand famous for catwalk colour, fashion collaborations, innovative special effects and immaculate professional manicures.

NailsInc Image.jpeg
dermoi Logo.png

dermoi! is a quickly growing cosmeceutical skincare hub with an e-commerce and a booking platform, catering to lovers of proven skincare from leading brands such as Osmosis, iS Clinica, PCA Skin, Jan Marini and many more.

dermoi Image.jpg
Somerset Toiletry
Somerset Toiletry Logo.png

Est 1999, The Somerset Toiletry Company is renowned for beautifully fragranced, affordable (cruelty-free) body care and home fragrance. Our gifts are available from selected UK gift stores, online and now sold in over 50 countries worldwide.

Somerset Toiletry Image.jpg
Smoko Logo.jpg

SMOKO E-Cigs have prevented over 275m cigarettes from being smoked and customers have saved £100m in the last 8 years. Amazing 5 star Google Reviews & trusted by 1,000s in 25 countries around the world to help them quit smoking. We change lives!

Smoko Image.JPG
88 Vape Logo.jpg

The europe-wide established solution for fast and effective teeth whitening. DiamondSmile products are characterized by high quality manufacturing and natural ingredients. Vegan and peroxide-free.

88 Vape Image.JPG

DAM Health for the last two years has been the specialist and one of the largest providers in the UK for Covid-19 testing solutions. Our new website is evolving the Dam Health brand to allow our customers to take full control of their health and wellbeing from the comfort of their own home.

Dam Health
Dam Health Logo.jpg
Dam Image.jpg
Allies of Skin
Allies of Skin Logo.png

Allies of Skin is a cutting-edge skincare brand that combines the best of science, luxury, and clean beauty. With a focus on creating highly effective products, we aims to simplify skincare routines while delivering remarkable results.

Allies of Skin Image
All Beauty
Allbeauty Logo.png

All Beauty (formerly launched in 2004. We began just selling perfume, but due to huge demand for quality products at affordable prices, we branched out into offering quality aftershaves, skin care, hair care and most recently, cosmetics.

Allbeauty Image.jpg
FFS Shaving
FFS Shaving Logo.JPG

FFS is the UK's first shaving club for women. We know that remembering to buy new blades is one of those annoying things we all forget to do. We solve that problem by delivering razors through your letterbox, so it's one less thing to worry about. 

FFS Shaving Image.jpg
Smile Therapy
Smile Therapy Logo

Smile Therapy offers premium oral hygiene products to enhance your smile and boost overall oral health. Discover a range of innovative products to revitalize your oral care routine Experience the confidence a radiant smile can bring.

Smile Therapy Image
Hair Burst
Hair Burst Logo.jpg

We believe everyone deserves long, healthy and gorgeous hair. We promise to give you great results at an affordable price, and to go natural whenever possible. All our products are easy to use and effective, helping you fall in love with your hair again.

Hair Burst Image.png
Biosure Logo.jpg

BioSure (Global) Ltd are empowering people to #TakeControlOfYou. The OraQuick HIV Self Test brought to you by BioSURE helps people in the UK to #KnowYourStatus. The BioSURE PRO Protective Nasal Spray helps people stop catching respiratory viruses.

Biosure Image.jpg
Paso Logo.png

Paso is one of the UK’s leading CBD brands focused on producing the highest quality CBD products without compromising on deliciousness or beautiful design.

Paso Image.png
Skin Choices
Skin Choice Logo.png

SkinChoice empowers people with skin imperfections to feel confident by providing them with simple, clean and effective skincare solutions.

Skin Choices Image.jpg
Cocunat UK
Cocunat Logo.png

COCUNAT leads the transformation of the cosmetic industry by creating innovative products with high-quality formulations and clinically proven results. It is a Toxic-Free, vegan, and cruelty-free brand with a 100% philosophy of respect for the environment

Cocunat Image.jpg
Vitl New logo.png

VITL is on a mission to change the way people think about nutrition. Our approach is to cut through the clutter and confusion by simplifying products and educating consumers to live healthier, happier lives.

Vitl image.jpg
Tena UK
Tena Logo.png

Tena UK No.1 Global Bladder Leak and Protection brand*. At TENA, your confidence is our mission. We are the No.1 Global Bladder Leak and Protection brand, with over 60 years of experience.

Tena Image.jpg
Bodyform Logo.png

Bodyform is one of the UK's leading period care brands. With over 40+ years of period expertise, you can feel comfortable knowing our period pants will keep you protected. Benefit as a partner from our high commission, voucher, feed + various promotions.

Bodyform Image
Revolution Beauty
Revolution Beauty Logo.png

Revolution Beauty the Team behind Makeup Revolution and many other beauty brands. We are real people with a passion, and we love disrupting the traditional beauty world with innovative and fast, exciting new brands.

Revolution Beauty Image.jpg
Skin + Me
Oxford Online Pharmacy
Skin+Me Logo.png

Skin + Me provide tailored treatments, designed by dermatologists and packed full of powerful ingredients, that specifically cater to your individual skin goals. Delivered to your door every month.

Skin+Me Image.jpg
Oxford Logo.png

UK based, online pharmacy and private doctor consultation service. Established almost 100 years ago and still run by the same family. Providing a safe and discreet way of acquiring prescription only medicine for sensitive issues.

Oxford Image.png
Coming Soon Small.jpg
Spotlight Oral Care
Spolight Oral Care Logo.png

Bridging the gap between oral health and beauty, Spotlight Oral Care creates clean, clinically proven products that help you achieve your greatest smile. Created by dentists, vegan-friendly, and earth-kind, your bespoke oral health routine starts here.

Spotlight Oral Care Image.jpg
Coming Soon Small.jpg
Dermatica Logo.png

Dermatica is a skincare brand offering personalised treatments (anti-ageing, skin glow, acne, rosacea, melasma, and pigmentation) and routine essentials designed to work alongside active ingredients.

Dermatica Image.jpg
Coming Soon Small.jpg
aZengear Logo.png

At aZengear, we craft high-quality products that make healthy living accessible to everyone. With a passion for sustainability and a commitment to affordability, we are dedicated to empowering you to lead an active and healthy lifestyle with comfort.

aZengear Image
Coming Soon Small.jpg
WeightWorld Logo.png

Launched way back in 2005, we have established ourselves as a leading website to help men and women In the UK manage their weight better.

WeightWorld Image
Coming Soon Small.jpg
Beautytheshop logo.png

BeautyTheShop is a unique online destination for beauty lovers all over the world. We offer more than 12,000 products from some of the most prestigious brands in perfumery and professional cosmetics, with an easy and fast shopping experience

Beauty The Shop Image.png
Coming Soon Small.jpg
Ulike Logo

Founded in 2013, Ulike is one of the leading providers of home beauty devices, selling over 4 million units in 17 countries worldwide.Ulike Sapphire Air 3 IPL Hair Removal Handset with patented Ice-cooling Tech has received well by 50K customers.

Ulike Image.jpg
Coming Soon Small.jpg
Sundae Body

Bodycare, but make it fun. Because life’s too short to go through the motions. Sundae Body exists because we were tired of our bodycare feeling like a ‘have to’ instead of a ‘really want to’.

Coming Soon Small.jpg
Sundae Logo
Sundae Image.jpg
Easyfeet Logo.png

We are a healthcare company that provides effective orthotic solutions for foot-related problems. Our main products are orthopaedic insoles. EASYFEET helped hundreds of thousands of people reclaim and enjoy their lives, pain-free and doing what they love with no restrictions.

Easyfeet Image.png
Coming Soon Small.jpg
Friendly Turtle
Friendly Turtle Logo_edited.jpg

An ethical & eco-conscious e-commerce business helping to inspire our visitors to make simple, zerowaste swaps towards sustainable alternatives, with the help of our 1,700+ products in our eco range.Excited to work with people also in the green space :)

Friendly Turtle Image_edited.jpg
Coming Soon Small.jpg
Medsrus Logo.jpg

We are an established pharmacy group operator with stores in London and Bristol. All medicines are prescribed and dispensed from within the UK in our London based pharmacy by UK qualified prescribers and pharmacists.

Medsrus Image.JPG
Coming Soon Small.jpg
Bold Shave
Bold Shave Logo.JPG

At BOLD Shave, we understand the unique challenges that come with head shaving. We believe everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. Our goal is to provide the best possible products to help make this process easier and more enjoyable

Goldskull Image.jpg
Coming Soon Small.jpg
Complete Care Shop
Shredin7 Logo.JPG

We are A UK based supplement brand that offers a range of all-natural supplements with clinically-proven ingredients. Leading research in natural health, Shredin7 is committed to help our customers achieve their goals in their health and wellness journey by offering our all-natural supplements containing only clinically proven ingredients, we are a honest, customer focuses and sustainable company.

Shredin7 Image.jpg
Coming Soon Small.jpg
Complete Care Shop Logo.jpg

Complete Care Shop is one of the UK’s leading retailers of mobility equipment and independent living aids, offering an extensive range of products designed to help people retain their independence or care for the ones they love.

Complete Care Shop Image.jpg
Coming Soon Small.jpg
Klip Shop
KlipShop Logo.jpeg

KLIPshop online store offers a huge variety hair care & styling, skin care, makeup and fragrance products. Only the best, well-known leading brands. Top brands include: Alterna, American Crew, BeautyBlender, Keune, L'Oreal Professionnel, Kadus Professional, Neuma, NYX, Olaplex, Oribe, Saphira, Schwarzkopf.

KlipShop Image.jpeg
Coming Soon Small.jpg
Warrior Suuplements
Warrior Supplements Logo.png

Warrior Supplements was created with a single purpose in mind – a single, solitary goal. To improve the athletic performance and mental focus of those who consume them.

Warrior Suuplements Image.jpg
Coming Soon Small.jpg
Daily Chemist
Daily Chemist Logo.png

Daily Chemist is an online doctor service that provides treatments for a range of health conditions. We have an in-house pharmacy that allows us to offer the best prices to make the treatments accessible and safe.

Daily chemist Image.jpeg
Coming Soon Small.jpg
Spafinder logo.jpeg

The one and only SpaFinder Wellness has been helping you find the spa experiences that are an essential part of building a healthy lifestyle. We will help you move further down your path with a redesigned website that makes it easier for you to navigate through new ways to enhance your body and mind. 

SpaFinder Image.jpeg
Spa Finder
Coming Soon Small.jpg
Zipvit Logo.jpg

Zipvit, established in 1999 is one of the leading UK suppliers of Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements and Sports Nutrition. We offer an unrivalled range (more than 350 products) to a broad customer group. They are offered with free delivery (subject to minimum spend).

Zipvit Image.jpg
Coming Soon Small.jpg
Vision Direct
Vidion Direct New Logo.jpg

Vision Direct is the first company to break the monopoly on contact lenses by selling direct to the customer in 1998. By doing so prices are up to 42% cheaper on most leading contact lens brand names when compared to high street opticians

Vision Direct image.jpeg
Coming Soon Small.jpg
The Good Guru logo.png

The Good Guru, provide healthy lifestyle products. Our premium supplements and health foods are prepared using only the finest raw materials discovered during our travels.

The Good Guru Image.gif
The Good Guru
Coming Soon Small.jpg
My Heritage DNA

MyHeritage DNA offers users a percentage breakdown of their ethnic origins from 42 supported ethnicities, and our DNA Matching technology automatically matches between people who have DNA in common, indicating a family relationship.

My HeritageDNA Image.png
Coming Soon Small.jpg
MyHeritage Logo.png
Known Logo.jpg

It all started from one little idea. What if we could create a range of health and beauty vitamins that you actually look forward to taking? Our mission is simple: To make health and beauty supplements tasty.

Known Image.JPG
Coming Soon Small.jpg
Mighty Green
Mighty Green Logo.png

Mighty Green is formed of a team of medical and wellbeing professionals, on a mission to help you achieve balance and wellness, naturally. Health and wellness are fundamental for a happy and fulfilling life. Our top-quality, plant-based products and broad scientific expertise are here to help you live your very best life

Mighty Green Image.JPG
Coming Soon Small.jpg
Forever Feeling
Forever Feeling Logo.JPG

A leading luxury retailer in the health, beauty and lifestyle sector, Forever Feeling has lead the way in sourcing the most iconic and transformational cutting-edge brands. With over 45 Brands to choose from, we are sure you’ll find your perfect fit!

Forever Image.gif
Coming Soon Small.jpg
Corona Test Centre
CTC Logo.jpg

Corona Test Centre is London's best reviewed private COVID-19 testing centre and has already processed over 20,000 tests.

Our tests are delivered in-person in easily-accessible clinics across central London locations.

  • Over 1,500 5-star reviews on

  • 3 central-london locations for in-person private tests

  • All tests administered by healthcare professionals

CTC Image.png
Coming Soon Small.jpg
CBD Armour
CBG Logo.png

CBD Armour is the UK's leading CBD oil brand and the only CBD oil specialist to offer a comprehensive range of the finest and purest CBD oil on the market. We are market leaders in designing and producing CBD oil products.

Coming Soon Small.jpg
Supreme CBD
SupremeCBG Logo.png

CBD is a natural health remedy which can be used as part of a healthy wellness routine and is a great alternative to pharmaceutical producst - Jennifer Aniston, Tom Hanks, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian, and Mike Tyson are all big fans! It comes in the form of Oils, Balms, Capsules and Gums, and can help with overall wellness and wellbeing thanks to it's therapeutic properties.

Supreme CBD Image.png
Coming Soon Small.jpg
Bower Collective
Bower Collective Logo.png

Bower Collective is an online brand delivering sustainable home and personal care products in proprietary reuse/ refill packaging. Our vision is to transform the home and personal care market, eliminate plastic waste and create a more sustainable world.

Bower Collective Image.jpg
Coming Soon Small.jpg
Cambridge Mask
Cambridge Mask Logo.png

Cambridge Masks™ are respirators (PPE) with UK military grade filtration technology. The masks filter out dust and pollution particles such as PM10, PM2.5 and PM0.3 as well as bacteria and viruses using a unique triple layer filtration system.

Cambridge Mask Image.jpg
Coming Soon Small.jpg
Holistic herb
Holistic herb Logo.jpg

Holistic Herb is renowned for providing a comprehensive range of CBD products, including top-tier Premium 'Total Bio' CBD Oils, Soft Gels, and Sprays. “Unlock the Full Potential of CBD with Holistic Herb’s Revolutionary Total Bio Oils – Experience the ‘Total Bio’ difference for yourself”!

Holistic herb Image.jpg
Coming Soon Small.jpg
Naama Logo.png

Skin + Me provide tailored treatments, designed by dermatologists and packed full of powerful ingredients, that specifically cater to your individual skin goals. Delivered to your door every month.

Naama Inage.jpg
Coming Soon Small.jpg
Higher Nature
Higher Nature Logo.png

Higher Nature is a leading brand of ethically sourced vitamins and supplements. We are well thought of in our industry and regarded as pioneers in nutrition. We sell both online and via mail order and offer free UK delivery.

Higher Nature Image.jpg
Coming Soon Small.jpg
Pharmacy Online
Pharmacy Online Logo.JPG is an online pharmacy where you can order prescription treatments and over counter products without needing to visit your doctor.

Pharmacy Online Image.jpg
Coming Soon Small.jpg

Unique, passionate, alluring - all of these words are synonymous with Alyaka, a brand-new destination for discovering niche and organic beauty brands worldwide. We offer a wide range of products including fragrances, organic skincare, body care & make up.

Coming Soon Small.jpg
Alyaka Image.jpg
Alyaka Logo.jpg
Tria Beauty
Tria Logo.png

5 MILLION DEVICES SOLD GLOBALLY! Salon laser hair removing technology you can use at home.

Tria Image
Coming Soon Small.jpg
Click Pharmacy
Click Pharmacy Logo.jpg

Click Pharmacy is a leading UK based online pharmacy. Registered with the GPhC, we specialise in online consultation, private prescriptions, NHS and over the counter medicines. Our popular services include weight loss, men and women health.

Click Pharmacy Image.jpg
Coming Soon Small.jpg

Rainbow is a London-based telehealth platform offering at-home diagnostics, sexual wellness, and weight loss treatments with AI-driven personalised results.

Coming Soon Small.jpg
Rainbow Labs
Rainbow Labs Logo.png
Rainbow Labs Image.gif
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